About us

La Maison du Tourisme is a « local tourist organistion », a type of Tourist Office,

  • established in 1994 on the initiative of Pilat Regional Natural Park, as an association
  • under the 1992 law on the organisation of tourism in France,
  • The Maison du Tourisme took over in August 2004 and went on to obtain a renewal of its classement as 3 star Tourist Office the 17th February 2011 by the Préfecture de la Loire,

La Maison du Tourisme is a tool for the development of tourism in the territory

  • which brings together the private and public partners,
  • to carry out actions on behalf of local authorities responsible for tourism,
  • as part of multi-annual agreements

For any suggestions, or information concerning our website , please don't hesitate to write to us:

Maison du Tourisme du Pilat
Moulin de Virieu
42410 - PELUSSIN
Tél : 04 74 87 52 00 - Fax : 04 74 87 52 02

Parc du Pilat

Parc du Pilat CC des Monts du Pilat CC du Pilat Rhodanien Région de Condrieu Saint-Etienne métropole