Overlooking the valleys the Pilat, known as the water tower of the region, is situated at the crossroads of two watersheds: the Loire and the Rhône, gushing with water in all its forms. As well as its role in the diversity and ecological wealth of the natural environment of the massif : peatlands, lônes (former branches of the Rhône), Rhodanien valleys, the water of the Pilat, with its driving force, has also a important role in the economic, industrial and social development based on the regional textile industry.

A water route that reveals all these riches!

Since 2003, the Parc naturel régional du Pilat has conducted studies to learn more about this resource and the resulting built heritage (mainly hydraulic ) in the massif ; all this, in the aim to be able to promote this natural resource. The Water Route has been created to highlight this natural and cultural heritage which today contitutes the wealth of the massif. Going with the flow we suggest a list of natural areas, activities, accommodation and restaurants carefully selected with regard to sustainable tourism. This selection ensures quality service and environmentally-friendly choices. The Parc has been working in collaboration with all the Parcs of the Massif Central, each of which also proposed a themed route that highlights the identity of their territory: chestnuts in Ardèche, volcanoes in Auvergne, pastoralism in the Grands Causse, etc…

Parc du Pilat

Parc du Pilat CC des Monts du Pilat CC du Pilat Rhodanien Région de Condrieu Saint-Etienne métropole