Trekking in My Park

Walk, slide, gallop… Trek in every way and in all seasons !

Over 600 km of marked trails, rando-guides, Relais du randonneur accommodation, guides, magnificent views of the Rhône valley and the Alps : a cocktail to suit all types of trekkers : seasoned, beginners,with the family…

3 Grande Randonnée trails cross through the Parc du Pilat : GR7 from Mont Aigoual to the Mont Pilat and GR65 following the Chemin de St-Jacques-de-Compostelle (40 km from Chavanay to the Col du Tracol) and GR42 from Saint-Etienne to Avignon.

Maps and topo-guides


To find your way around the Parc du Pilat

Throughout the Parc, you will find signposts to help you find your way: they indicate your current location, directions and the different marked trails.


For your walks and outings, with family or friends, in the Pilat (from1h to 3h), follow the yellow and white marked municipal paths.

Half-day, or one-day hikes

For half-day to one-dayhikes in the Pilat, follow the brown and white marked paths or pick up a map and/or the 2 topo-guides which show a number of itineraries.

Several days

For the self-guided hiker We suggest rando-guides.

Pilat itineraries available for downloading


The Maison du Tourisme du Pilat (Pilat Main Tourist Office) proposes a selection of walking routes to download. You can then print out them out, and when you're ready to start out download the relevant circuits onto your Smartphone or SatNav for walkers.

There is also practical and tourist information available for you to plan your walk in the Pilat!

Stretched for time, or you fancy just a short walk in the Pilat? Opt for a half-day walk

Looking for a longer walk in the Pilat ranging from 3 to 6 hours?

This time, this is it, you have decided to hike for several days in the Pilat massif. It's right here!



Looking for a guide to reveal all the different features and aspects of the Pilat? Look no further, they are listed here...

Orienteering courses


Orienteering is a navigational sport using a map, and usually a compass. It involves moving from point to point over unmarked terrain, along a planned route. Using the map the participants find tagged control points. During competitions, the participants race against the clock to complete the course.

In both summer and winter the Parc du Pilat has a landscape that offers a wide variety of vegetation, ideal for orienteering. This sport can be practiced on foot, on mountain bike, on cross-country skis, on snowshoes and on horseback by everyone(families, sports people), from beginners to experts.

Horse and donkey riding


Seeking an original way to discover the Pilat pathways and trails?
What better than hiking with a packsaddle donkey or a horseback ride!

Trekking holidays

Weekend to one-week trekking holidays provide an insight into discovering the Parc Naturel Régional du Pilat in an environmentally-friendly fashion.
Our offer:
  • Reserve your accommodation at a Relais du Randonneur
  • A road book of maps and descriptions of the itineraries
  • Transfer of luggage
  • Picnic hampers.

Parc du Pilat

Parc du Pilat CC des Monts du Pilat CC du Pilat Rhodanien Région de Condrieu Saint-Etienne métropole