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Topoguide escalade du Pilat

Edition FFME Loire 2008

This topo-guide on climbing in the Pilat is a mine of information for those who want to climb in the Pilat: 106 pages of practical information for discovering the PIlat from above at two major sites which were re-equipped in 2007:

Doizieux : climbing in the Sordière valley


Going back up this tributary of the Dorlay, we discover moderately high rocky outcrops and walls; a major site with rocks situated on the left bank of the river and scattered all along the Sordière valley. With these boulders strewn throughout the forest, Doizieux provides an itinerant rock climbing site which is original and entertaining. Explore the tranquility of nature without having to walk too far.

166 pathways from 4A to 7B+ (leptynite and Augen gneiss)

Topo-guide content:

  • location, general map, technical specifications
  • description of the pathways
  • itinerant rock climbing suggestions, in the 4, 5 or 6

Rochetaillée : climbing the Roche Corbière


Close to Saint-Étienne, the Roche Corbière looms over the right bank of the incised valley of Gouffre d’Enfer. Several routes cross over the different ledges of this imposing rocky bastion: the West face is 'sporting', both demanding and strenuous, the slabs are compact and upright ; the East face is less steep and easier to tackle.

174 routes from 3A to 8A+ (micaschistes)

Content of topo:

  • location, general map, technical specifications
  • route description
  • major routes with suggested links to others

Parc du Pilat

Parc du Pilat CC des Monts du Pilat CC du Pilat Rhodanien Région de Condrieu Saint-Etienne métropole