Le Pilat's cheeses are the result of long-standing traditions

and agricultural expertise : managing the meadows, leading the herds and a mastery of the production techniques. Goat's cheese has pride of place here, and its greatest emblem, Rigotte de Condrieu, has been honored with an Appellation d'Origine Protégée. This is small cheese, made with raw milk, stands out with its nutty flavour and its ivory-coloured bloom or blooming blue rind. Try also the tasty yoghurt, fromage frais and ice-cream, all of which are produced from cow's milk.

AOC Rigotte de Condrieu


A rare cheese made every day by a handful of enthusiasts.
A delicate cheese - Rigotte de Condrieu:
Fine and tasty, its flavours change with the seasons and maturation. The producers present it in a small round puck form. It is made exclusively from full-fat curdled raw milk collected in the PIlat. The fabrication specifications are extremely rigorous.
Rigotte de Condrieu develops wonderful subtle, soft flavours. Paired with the Region's wines, Condrieu, Saint-Joseph or Côte-Rôtie, it develops aromas reminiscent of hazelnut. Lots of imaginative dishes can be created using this cheese : matured rigotte with quince gelée, served warm on a slice of potato or even melted on the barbecue.
The flavours of Rigotte de Condrieu, recall all the massif du Pilat!

AOC : Décret 200949 du 13/01/2009
100 éleveurs de chèvres
Zone AOC : 42 communes of Parc naturel régional du Pilat
Altitude : 140 to 1400 meters
Races de chèvre : Saanen, Alpine chamoisée et races du Massif central
Alimentation des chèvres : herbe, foin et céréales issues de l'aire d'appellation
Superficie AOC : 50 000 ha dont 20 000 ha de surface agricole utile
Fête locale : Vins et rigotte en fête le 1er Mai à Condrieu

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La ferme de la Cabriole 


La Chaize 
42410 Pélussin
Tel 04 74 87 63 30
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From 01/01 to 31/12.
Closed on Sunday.

Les Jardins de la Côte Rôtie 


29 route Taquière 
69420 Ampuis
Tel 04 74 56 04 20
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Every day throughout the year.
Closed on Sunday.
Closed exceptionally on July 14th, August 15th, November 1st and November 11th.
Group rate available for > 5 people.

Ferme du Moulin des Chartreux 


We produce: charcuterie, cheese, poultry and honey. Our products are made following Pilat's farming traditions

le moulin 
42800 Sainte-Croix-en-Jarez
Tel 04 77 20 23 11
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Throughout the year : open daily except on Fridays.

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