Mon Parc saveurs

Côte-Rôtie, wines and Rigottes de Condrieu, apples and pears, cured meats… Come and taste the original flavours of the Pilat!

Route-saveursA taste of the Pilat: A group of productors recommended by the Parc du Pilat. The members of this group have all been selected by a panel of evaluators which verified that they meet the criteria of sustainable tourism, and also, in terms of their commitment, provide high-quality customer service at their domain or farm. This network helps to:

  • promote the quality of the products, services and their environment,
  • develop a solidarity between the players and the business sectors,
  • encourage short distribution channels and local consommation,
  • propose to the tourists an active and responsible discovery of the Parc



Le Pilat produces great wines, known by famous names such as Côte-Rôtie, Condrieu, Saint-Joseph and Château-Grillet. These red and white wines from the northern Côtes-du-Rhône tell the story of a land which is unique in the world, where low walls and terraces have sculpted the slopes for 2000 years. They unveil the personalities of each wine grower, passionate craftspeople who are ready to introduce their wines to you during a testing at the cellar or a visit to the vineyard.

Cured meats, meat, poultries and fish


The Pilat's stockbreeders take their time,

and spend as long as is necessary carefully caring for and feeding their pigs, poultry lambs and calves. When you taste their products, you realize that it is time well spent! Charcuterie is produced following family traditions, and the curing process benefits from the dry, cool mountain air. Each farm has its own recipe for dried sausage, "jesus" sausuge and terrines. Discover the local specialities which include various pâtés : pâté de couenne, caillettes and « grillatons », rcih potted pork...



Le Pilat's cheeses are the result of long-standing traditions and agricultural expertise:

managing the meadows, leading the herds and a mastery of the production techniques. Goat's cheese has pride of place here, and its greatest emblem, Rigotte de Condrieu, has been honored with an Appellation d'Origine Protégée. This is small cheese, made with raw milk, stands out with its nutty flavour and its ivory-coloured bloom or blooming blue rind. Try also the tasty yoghurt, fromage frais and ice-cream, all of which are produced from cow's milk.



Le Pilat's orchards benefit from excellent natural resources,

a lights soil on the south-east facing slopes and the altitude of the Pélussin plateau. The sweet, tangy Golden Delicious apples take on a pinkish hue typical of moutain-grown apples. The growers' basket brim with variety : peaches, pears, apricots, cherries and red fruits. And to make a little of this sunshine last throughout the year, the producers and craftspeople make coulis and perfectly-pressed juices, as well as sorbets and jams for those whith a sweeter tooth.

Other products


Local Pilat produce is not limited to just Côtes du Rhône wines, Rigotte de Condrieu or even cured meats from the mountains.
Other producers showcase their outstanding skills by making bread, beer, sweets and candies and many other delights.

Local products shops


The farms and celars are not the only places where you can buy Le Pilat's specialities. Farmers opened collective farm shops here several years ago. They take turns to staff the shops, which are an excellent example of a successful short distribution channel from the producer to the consumer. In some of these farm shops, other agricultural products are on offer to help you diversify the gourmet range. Meanwhile, shops specialising in regional products carry a selection of the best local products.

Gourmand stays


The flavours of le Pilat and the local area make an excellent theme for an original break in the region. Whether you come with a group, your family or as a couple, for a day, a week-end or a week, Le Pilat tourist center can advise you on or organise a program to suit your requirements.

Local markets


Every season has a gourmet festival to tempt you to le Pilat. And every week, there are more tha, 25 markets and fairs in the village squares.

Parc du Pilat

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