My Park Heritage

Textile factories, 19th-century dams, historic cities, monastery-turned- village … Come and share in the Pilat heritage!

Guided tours of the villages


Villages of character

Nestling in the landscape, the peaceful villages are the life force of the Pilat.
Just around a corner you'll come across this old farmhouse with its solid walls. A little further on, a village comes into sight, classified as the most beautiful French village … the tresures of the built heritage are sometimes much more discreet, and yet so rich!

Let us tell you about our history…

Heritage Houses


Behind the doors of the museums and Heritage Houses, you will meet men and women who are passionate about their work, willing to share with you the secrets of the history of the Pilat.



Cross over the threshold of a craftman's workshop in the Pilat...
Each expertise is different and specific: pottery, raku, ceramics, jewellery, textile design...

Parc du Pilat

Parc du Pilat CC des Monts du Pilat CC du Pilat Rhodanien Région de Condrieu Saint-Etienne métropole