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Mountain bike information

For mountain bike enthusiasts the Pilat has 650 km of marked paths, identified by brown arrows on a white background, 31 interconnecting loops, clearly described in a topoguide and plotted on the Parc du Pilat map, scale 1:50 000.

There are 2 specially-adapted slopes, near the Graix ski lift, for downhill mountain biking. (link to the page « Downhill mountain biking » under the heading "thrills and spills")

Cycling information

The gateway to the cycling capital, the Massif du Pilat has traditionally been pedalled by cyclists, notably as early as 1881, by Paul de Vivie 'Vélocio', the founder of cyclo-tourism, and shift gear mechanism.

Parc du Pilat

Parc du Pilat CC des Monts du Pilat CC du Pilat Rhodanien Région de Condrieu Saint-Etienne métropole