Monitoring tourism

A Management Dashboard of Tourist Activity in the Pilat

A Management Dashboard of Tourist Activity in the Pilat was created by the Parc Naturel Régional du Pilat and the Maison du Tourisme du Pilat during the 1997 season. There are several objectives : increase awareness concerning the importance and the evolution of this activity, to increase awareness concerning the practice and practitioners…

2010 - To appraise the actual conditions of tourist accessibility - Parc Naturel Régional du Pilat

In 2010, on behalf of the Parc du Pilat, the Maison du Tourisme carried out a study on the accessibility of the territory in terms of tourism. Deadlines, obligations and knowledge of the 2005 Disability Act , the Tourism and Handicap label, service provider awareness, tourist practices concerning disabled persons within the territory,...were the issues that we dealt with whilst conducting this study, the results of which are available below.

2011 - Two studies on tourist mobility

Tourist mobility is a subject that the Maison du Tourisme du Pilat has been looking into for several years: What form of transport do the visitors use ? Are they aware of environmentally-friendly forms of transport ? Does the propostion of an individual motorised vehicle on the territory correspond to the needs of the tourist ? We are trying to find the answers to the questions by carrying out studies on specific sites. Also, in 2011, the Croix de Chaubouret and the Green Way -Voie Verte bike path- ViaRhôna were two sites which were under observation and field investigation for several days or months. Here are the reports relating to the two studies.

Parc du Pilat

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